Adobe Fonts – Constant Error Messages

Hello everyone! I’m relatively new to Webflow, and I’m currently working on integrating my Adobe Fonts into a portfolio website.

“The Problem”
I can view the “Web Projects” from Adobe Fonts in Webflow’s Adobe Fonts section. I can select them, but whenever I click on “Save Changes,” an error occurs. Initially, it displayed a “Conflict” error, but now it shows “Precondition Failed.”

“What I’ve Tried So Far to Fix It”
I attempted to obtain a new API token, removed the fonts in Adobe Fonts and added them again, and tried different browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome). I also searched the forum, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information regarding these errors. The only posts I came across were about the change from Typekit and how it functions differently now.

“My Question”
Is there anything else I can try, or is Webflow simply broken? This seems like a fundamental feature, and I’m surprised to encounter such issues.


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you’re not the only one

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yeah i have the same issue and it is super problematic, kinda putting my project on hold…

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I am also experiencing this error.

Apparently it’s because i’m currently on a free plan :person_shrugging:t4:

Hello! Thank you for providing this information. Currently, I am using the free plan. I wanted to test the limits of my website’s capabilities before committing to paid hosting and other services. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that a subscription is required to access Adobe Fonts. Nonetheless, I appreciate you sharing this information with me.