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Adjust spacing between paragraphs

“Adjust spacing between paragraphs”

I am new at this. Under this topic were 4 steps:

  1. Select a paragraph
  2. Click into the Selector field
  3. Select All Paragraphs
  4. Add a bottom margin

1 OK
2 I could not find the “Selector field” or the proper selector field
3 Failing at 2, I couldn’t find “All Paragraphs.”
Below should be a screenshot of what I see.
What am I missing?

I am using a “Chrome box” -> Chromebook.

Welcome to the forum Duwon!

Click where it says “Inheriting 2 selectors”, then “All Paragraphs”

That should do the trick. :slight_smile:


I was about 15 seconds from ranting and raving “But there’s no ‘All paragraphs.’”
Then I more or less accidentally clicked on the orange “3 selectors.”

There it was and, then, I also noticed that the orange got a little brighter.

Thanks a lot. I think that taught me a lot about the program and will eliminate
a lot of future problems.

Again, thank you.

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No problem. Happy to help. :+1: