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Adding two Facebook tracking pixels to the same page

We were able to add one conversion tracking pixel properly.

Now, we are running three separate FB campaigns, each with it’s own unique tracking pixel. The destination page for each of the campaigns is the same. Will there be an issue if we enter 3 pixels into the “head code” under “custom code” settings tab?

Can you post the tracking pixels? Helps to look at them. This may be a question for Facebook as well.

Hi Waldo -

The code itself is truncating on this post, but it’s similar to what was posted on this webflow post and replicated 3 times. (Just with 3 unique pixel codes)

This looks like a question for @cyberdave :smile:

Here is the code:

It isn’t letting me copy and paste the code, so here is a screenshot.

Here’s a quick GIF on how to add script/certain html to a post. :smile:

Hello @Waldo_Broodryk and @pizzaman, thanks for the heads up. I am checking on a couple of related cases on google tag manager, so please stand by, I am checking into this :slight_smile: cheers, dave

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