Adding rich text into custom code

Hi Webflow Community,
I wonder how i can implement rich text from my CMS-List into a fully custom-code based Element. Currently I am only able to use plain-text field in my custom code wich can not display line-breaks.

@brandproject - it would be helpful to see the code you have so far. The request isn’t super detailed or clear so I’m not really sure how to help.


As Sam says, detail would help- but as you’ve seen, Webflow doesn’t allow you to drop rich text directly into HTML Embeds.

Normally, that’s not something you’d want to do, because it’s potentially a big chunk of HTML, but you might have a scenario where it make sense, in which case you can;

  1. Emit that HTML somewhere on the page, within a Collection Page or Collection List. Then use your script to access it and do something with it. You can hide that element if you want.

  2. Emit that HTML on to your Collection Pages ( hidden, optionally ), and then access it from other pages using jQuery.load()