Adding phone-number to the right of logo in navbar

I am struggling adding a phone number next to the logo on my page. Anyone have a solution for this?

" ✆ 95 12 10 10 "

Here is my public share link:

Hello @dj_robbie did you manage to fix the problem? Just did a look at it, and saw you added what had to be added which was basically a div block, with the logo and the phone number text in it.

No, it didnt work correctly over the plattforms. Could you explain more in detail? Thank you.

Hi @dj_robbie

All you have to do, is drag a Div (or LinkDiv if you want to link it somewhere) right in front of the logo.
Your structure is already perfect for it to look like this:

I just dragged a Div block and then a text block, copied the text you given us and pasted, changed the colour to white and that’s the result :slight_smile:

Problem is that when i do this, the divblock goes to the left of the logo. Also it inteferences with the responsives. Could you please make an guided video of the process ? :slight_smile:

I would, but I’m not at home… So I can’t record anything here :stuck_out_tongue:

Try moving the div to the front of the logo, just drag and release.


Made a mini-video. No voice currently my microphone have broken down, however you just have to move the div block of the text into the Nav Tile that you have in your sidebar, which you can see in this video.

A suggestion I have is instead of (unless you already know how to manually do it) making a whole nav from list elements and so on, best to just use the pre-made navigation since its build in for responsiveness.

You can find more information about it here

Video will be deleted in 24 hours or less. (As soon as the OP response)

Thanks anyway Iggs :smile:

I did a full re-design of the menu, adding the built in navbar in webflow.

Now i got things perfect :slight_smile:
Thanks Brian!

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No worries :slight_smile:

Just remember that Divs help you a lot…
Divs + FlexBox = enough for me to build a website :smiley: (and images of course)

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