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Adding icons to webflow!

I would like to have little white icons, like these bullet points

  • Bullet-point

Maybe a full white color, or a nice teal color, for the website’s menu bar, to separate the menu items.
The attached screenshot shows some little 0s i dropped in, i would want those to be white or teal.

Any idea how i do that?


Hi @Elliot,

I think you need to re-attach the image you uploaded.

Thanks samliew, i did that!

Hi @Elliot,

You can do the following:

  • drop in a div
  • give it a class
  • set to inline-block
  • give it width/height of 5px
  • give it appropriate margins
  • set border-radius to 50%
  • give it background color
  • copy and paste to other locations

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You are a complete ace and a pure gem, my friend. I have successfully implemented your solution. The GIF is creative and the perfect support solution. I love the styling of your color bar (fractal).

Do you have any idea how I can import icons into webflow, such as Diamonds, little hearts, etc.?

try this :slightly_smiling:

Hi @Elliot, I have also found this page to be very useful:

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