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Adding hover to tabs?


How can I add hover to my tabs, when hovering over “woman health” I want that tab to show and then if I hover over “refills” or “your pharmacy”, then it changes to those ones.

Is this possible?

Hi @Quantumgo, is something like this example site, something that you are looking for?

That is a change tabs on hover example, using a little custom code needed for the change of tabs on hover.

Does this help?

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@cyberdave Yes thats exactly what I’m looking for!!!

I’m looking at that now but I’m a tad confused as I don’t see any transitions or interactions… :open_mouth:

Hi @Quantumgo, Yes, that is because it is not using any, only the standard tabs widget, and then there is some custom code that detects when the mouse is hovered over the tab-link class and then performs a mouse click :slight_smile:

You simply need to assign each tab link with the class name “tab-link” and the paste the following into the custom code Footer of the site or page settings:

  function() {
    $( this ).click();

Here is a an article from the Help Center on using custom code:

I hope this helps!


@cyberdave oh awesome thank you so much!!

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