Adding div inside of lightbox modal

Hey everyone, are we able to place divs inside of lightbox popups?

For example, we have different images and when the user clicks on any given image, the lightbox opens up with a div that contains a form next to the media that is in that lightbox.

Is this possible?


Are you asking if instead of just an image or video popping up when you click the lightbox link it opens up a div with a form and an image? If so then I do not believe you can do that. You could try making a pop-up using interactions that would show itself whenever you click on that image.

Here is quick video on how to show & hide on click:

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

Ya I figured that was the alternative, just wanted to double check. Thanks.

You’re welcome! Glad I could clear that up :grin:

Hi Wadood,

Have you managed to solve this issue of getting a div inside a lightbox with an image as I’m looking for the same solution?

I’m looking at creating a gallery of images for individual case studies and wanting to have a title and project description at the start, followed by images with titles and small descriptions.

Would it be possible to share the code?

I had tried doing this manually with interactions and a ‘Slider’ element inside a Modal pop-up window, etc but the programming in the system is immense having to do each and every case study and the programming each non relevant case study is hidden from view when viewing a selected case study. Then having to do different layouts for each device. Hoping there’s an easier solution.

Thank you!