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Adding a blog. Do I need to pay again for CMS?

I have a domain, using the CMS features (Kickass job guys).
I wanted to add a blog (curretly using tumblr!) in webflow as well, and I added all the content to an independent ‘webflow site’. That is, it shows in the dashboard as its own thing. I used a CMS template, a featured blog. I wanted to have that on a subdomain, ie

Now I realize that they way I did it I’d have to pay again for CMS. The costs are starting to add up. Is this the way you intended it to be? Or are there better ways to add a blog to an exisitng webflow CMS?

Of course I could create ‘by hand’ all the pages we need for the blog, using the one CMS we have. But this feels like unnecessary work when there are templates.

@usillos To add a blog to your current domain hosted on Webflow, all you need to do is create a collection name ‘blog’ and collection URL ‘blog posts’ or ‘post’… That’s it.

Then easily create, edit or publish blog posts from the newly created collection ‘blog’.

There’s no extra charge for this.

Hope this helps.

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