Add UTM parameters in the Webflow Form

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What I want to create is:
Share UTM link to our B2B partners → B2B partners implement the UTM link on their website → Customers click the UTM link → Customers arrive to our website landing page → Customer submit Enquiry form → We receive the form and it is automatically connected to excel sheet → “We know the source of this customer”

Here, I don’t know how to make the last part : “We know the source of this customer”.

I guess I need to add form elements for UTM link and make it to be filled automatically. But I don’t know how to do it exactly.

Is there anyone who can help me with this situation? - I am ok to receive a quote as well with timeline - here is my email:

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Hi Sol, the basic approach is very simple using custom code and a hidden form field. You’ll pull the UTM fields into the form so that they can be delivered with the form.

There are however two common added challenges;

  1. If users may navigate around your site a bit before submitting the form, you’ll need to temporarily store the UTM data until you need it, as the URLs will change. There are several approach depending on your tracking rules.

  2. If you need the UTM code translated into e.g. a partner name, then there is an added lookup operation at the back-end before adding the record to the spreadsheet.

If you want to let me know those details, I’m happy to send you an estimate, but even in the most complex case here it wouldn’t exceed 3h.