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Add Custom Code In The CMS Head Section

I hope someone might be able to help with this.
We currently have an English and German version of our website.
We have hreflang code installed all correctly on out website pages, however when it comes to the CMS we need to place the custom code within the head section of the post. By adding the custom code in the editor it only places it in the body section.
Does anyone have any advice on how to get these code snippets in the CMS head section please.

Many Thanks

hi @richv100 If I understand you need to add/inject some script into HEAD section only when article is displayed (WF article Template).

here is one way how to add / inject code into HTML <head>

another link

but there may be more solutions eg. based on query as window.location.pathname mean if path contain path/en/articleName or path/de/articleName etc. I do not know what you exactly need to inject mean if each time language change different script should be injected etc.