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Add code in htaccess

Hi, I have hosted project and I need to add some custom code inside .htaccess file but I can’t find where the .htaccess file. Maybe anyone know how to add custom code in .htaccess ?

.htaccess file is not available for editing on Webflow hosting, even if it does exists.

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Why do you need it? If it’s for redirection, we have 301 redirects section in the site dashboard.

I need it to add code to change DirectoryIndex if site opened in mobile browser. Do you have advise to do that ?

You can set the default (home) page in the Webflow Designer itself.

Could I set different default (home) page for mobile and desktop ?

Hi @antonia88sina, at the moment there can only be one home page the site, this cannot be changed for different viewports.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your feedback. Can you suggest how to make it happen ? So, I can have different homepage for mobile ? Because I already has paid account and paid hosting. I need to make it different on mobile and desktop.

You can have two main containers in your page - one displays on desktop, the other displays on mobile.


In my case I have two page and not two containers in page because the structure page is very different between mobile and desktop.

Another alternative is to use custom code to detect when the user is a mobile device (on the desktop page), then redirect them to the mobile page.

Yet another workaround is use Cloudflare to redirect mobile users to another site/subdomain.

Yes, I think use custom code is the best solutions but my client not want to redirect to different URL so the URL must be the same.