Add CMS Item (Image + Text) to Form Select Field

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

My client is wanting to have an international phone code dropdown in a form that only has a select list of countries. The dropdown will have a country flag + country phone code.

I’ve been following @PixelGeek 's wonderful tutorial (this one) but can’t figure out how to have both the country flag image + phone code appear as his script purely targets text as seen in the script below.


	var code = $(this).text();
  $('').append('<option value="'+code+'">'+code+'</option>');


Any help will be so appreciated!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Copy of Venwise Final

@PixelGeek - Thanks for trying to answer in the live support :grinning: Buuut no one is helping me in the forum haha.