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Accordion with a long content - Custom Code

I found this custom code for accordion from Noah Raskin GraphicOwls.

Problem is:
I have an accordion with a long content. Whenever I click on a next accordion while another accordion is expanded, the next content is cut at the top. So I need to scroll up to see the top of the page (beginning of the paragraph).
The idea is to avoid that the user has to scroll the content area into place.

This is code GraphicOwls code that I put it Before tag., and work like charm with small content

I found solution on internet but I don’t know how to implement this code in GraphicOwls code for accordion.

My Project

Honestly I would suggest not to use an accordion in that case. It really creates a usability issue, especially on small devices. Workarounds don’t really solve that problem. Probably why I can’t think of a better answer for you. Hope this helps.