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Accordion style effect with interactions

Hello :smile:

I’m trying to create a spry effect using the method tho hide and show text.

This is what i want to do.

  1. Having buttons on top of each other without text.
  2. Making the text appear when clicked and push the content under it down or back up
  3. When I click each button it will go back to initial appearence.

I know how to hide and show text with interactions but is it possible to do this spry effect with the hide and show interaction method?

Hope for some answers :smiley:


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At the moment you’ll have to do a lot of work (adding interactions to everything) in order to create this Accordion-type effect with interactions. Once we give you guys the ability to add multiple classes to the “affect classes” field inside of a trigger, then you’d be able to make something like this much more easily. We’ll keep you posted.