Accordion question

Hi! I know this is probably a simple fix, but I want to get these accordion entries to all say something different. When I change the Style selector, it copies it all the way through. Note - I can’t make this into a CMS/Collection list that way, I’m maxed out on those for my plan.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Recruiting From Scratch Website

Hi Julia, you have the items inside a collection list wrapper, but not bound to anything.

If you’re not using the CMS, you want a different approach here, like a DIV with a copy of the accordion contents for each of the static items.

Thanks so much! I figured out how I wanted to do this, and got everything out of the collection list with arrows that link. The one thing I can’t figure out though is why the arrows are hidden on mobile breakpoint (I’ve checked all the settings but can’t figure it out). Any ideas?