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Accordian style on hover

Hello guys and girls

Can someone help me with this? Trying to achieve same effect as on this page just under Hero Section.

How can I get same thing with interactions?
In my case, I am using Collections and would like to expand one Card, while other three are shrinking at the same time.

Any help is apritiated :hugs:
Thank you,

Here is my public share link:

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Hey there @dva12 - check out the screenshare below. Let me know if this is the solution to your problem. If you have any questions, let me know!


Hey @myonke - That video saved me a whole bunch of typing! Great job. :slight_smile:

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@webdev haha, thank you sir! I love Loom!

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Thank you @myonke. That is exactly what i wanted to do. :hugs::see_no_evil:

@dva12 You’re welcome, glad you got it figured out! When you get a chance, please mark my post above as the solution :slight_smile: Have a good one, and lmk if you need help with anything else.

I did 70% width on expand, but it does not expand more then 50% I want shrinked item to be 10% Why is that?

@dva12 I just played with it for a few mins, but I couldn’t get it to expand more than 50% either. I can take a look at it when I have some more time, but perhaps @webdev might know why this is happening quicker :slight_smile: