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Accessing tabs from address bar

Hello all,

I put together a fiddle that lets you access tabs from the address bar if anyone needs it.

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Could you provide a clearer explanation of what it’s trying to do?

It’s a show and tell. Some code that allows users to link directly to a tab from the address bar.

Here is the code without the -tab suffix:

This is the same as “Linking to Specific Tab from another Link or Button” and “Linking to a specific tab from a button link” then?

No. This code is an alternative. These posts are looking at tabbing in from button links. The code above lets you tab in from the address bar and lets you set the hash to a unique ID for each tab.

Just trying to help the community.

No, the direct links to the specific posts in those threads refer to address bar/URL linking directly to a tab. (ignore the first post or thread tities - the thread went out of topic and discussed alternatives)

Oh I see, yours uses hashes,

while danro’s solution uses query parameters:

That’s a good thing. I’m just seeing if there is any way your post could be improved with instructions/tutorial on how it can be implemented in Webflow, instead of just an external link.