Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix

Within the past two days I’ve watched this new documentary on Netflix

It covers 8 designers, all in different disciplines of the design World. Even though you may not be involved in the various designer’s vocation, I found a lot of insight and several great “takeaways” in every episode. Very inspirational for me and I’m in Digital Marketing with a minor in Web Design… so I know the rest of you will get even more out of it than I did.

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I binge watched the whole thing recently too. Beautifully done, well worth watching!

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I absolutely love watching design documentaries. Thanks for posting this @itbrian40 :+1:

You’re welcome Naweed. Hope you enjoy it!


I love your work! How does it feel to be an innovator? :slight_smile: Are an of the things covered in these documentaries of great inspiration to you for new ideas for scanography projects?



Thanks for your kind words! Yes, I am obsessed with Scanner Photography. I wouldn’t say that the documentaries have help with my art, but hugely helpful in my graphics and web design. I am always hungry for new insights.


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I agree with you. It was well done and there were a lot of great takeaways. I watched them all in one weekend.

My only reservation is the fact that it was one sided. The episodes surrounded and entire industry and yet the world exposed to Netflix, which is a lot of people, are being bombarded by only one pedagogy/conceptual stagaty/process. Nevertheless, as a young architect, we have all drank the “Bijorke Ingles” kool aid.

It does make me wonder about next season. Are they going to follow the same disciplines from a different side of the coin or choose different disciples all together? I would love to see some juxtaposition of the same disciplines. It will be interesting to see where they take it.


I’m not sure it’s going to be an ongoing thing. I kind of thought it was “one and done”… did or have you seen or read something that suggests that it’s going to be a yearly thing? I haven’t.


Awwww. That is a bummer. I have not scratched the surface of their intentions. I guess I was just assuming that they would continue it on. From my understanding, it has ranked really amongst people in the fields of design as well as those that are not. Fingers crossed there is more.

I agree Ryan. I hope this is just the beginning of many more installments. I think that there is a lot of value in this kind of documentary for, as you said, both sides. People may even start to understand designers and the creative process more with several more of these. Fingers crossed here too!


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