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Absolutely positioned circle


I’m trying to put a circle at the bottom of the hero section with the word More on it. When it’s clicked, the visitor gets taken to a content area further down the page.

A bit like this but with text instead of the down arrow:
example leadpages template

I’ve created the circle by centering a

, applying 50% border radius to it and using absolute positioning.

The problem is It looks perfectly positioned in the editor but when I preview it doesn’t display in the same place.

If you can help I’d be very grateful. My share link is below:


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Try giving your HeroSection a position of relative and your Circle a fixed bottom position of -40px :slight_smile:

Hi PixelGeek

Thanks very much for your help. I’ve tried your suggestion but the -40px seems to push it further down the page. 100px looks right in the editor but when previewing in desktop moves too low again. Could you take another look please just in case I’m not doing what you meant:

Here’s my share link again

Thanks a lot


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