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Absolute positioned elements and SVG Icons do not show up on Safari and Firefox

I have absolutely positioned elements across pages on the below site. They are inside each “section” element in a Div container with class of “blob-w.” On Safari browser, none of the absolutely positioned elements inside the “blob-w” div show up. Also the SVG icons (via html embed elements) do not show up on Safari browser.

In Chrome they show up.
You have to view the page from the … URL to see this issue. In Preview mode there elements look correct. But in live testing the elements are missing.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

I was able to solve this:
– Added explicit width and height value to SVG elements. Though I was using a viewbox property I still needed the width and height values.
– Added my absolute positioned elements as a sprite sheet and then used the sprite sheet as a background div. I used multiple divs to position as many images (decorative) as I needed around the page with absolute positioning.