Ability to Embed Custom Code in Dynamic List

Since we write rather technical blogs we need to be able to embed pretty printed code snippets into our blog posts, e.g. via github gists. We are actually waiting for this feature to be provided so we can migrate our company blog to webflow. Many thanks!

This sounds like you want to embed code into the rich text field. We’ll be working on this after making normal embed be able to reference dynamic fields.

Do you have a general idea when this feature will be released?

@salter I can’t tell you for sure but we’ve been chugging away at it. :smile:


Hey @thesergie,

Any news/updates on this?

Many thanks.

We’re cranking away at it!


(I’m a Webflow novice and) I’m interested in using the same kind of feature to embed playlists into artist/band review blog posts. Each artist has a Soundcloud/BandCamp/Spotify playlist that I would like to embed into each blog post/review.

Thanks for working on this!


thats exactly what I need this feature for too!

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Take a look at this new feature launched today:

Just create a rich text field for embedding of custom code.

how about embedding Facebook albums?
something that does what this widget does: https://embedsocial.com/embed-gallery.php
This will help with galleries in blogs; no need for many image fields and multiple uploads :smile:

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What about twitter? I tried to add a link to a tweet as rich media, and it said it wasn’t supported. I need to be able to include embedded tweets!

Hi @Resham_Parikh, you can add custom twitter embed code to a collection template page, but it is not possible to add embed code yet to a collection field. This ability is coming soon !

I just started using webflow and this is EXACTLY the feature I’m looking for! Specifically I am building a website for my band and it would be great if the “song” collection had an address to drop in embed soundcloud codes. There are wordpress plugins that will even let you do this very cleanly (so you see - and hit a play button and soundcloud doesn’t even pop up, it just pulls the stream from soundcloud).

Not expecting this kind of advanced soundcloud support yet, but being able to drop embed links into collections so we can have our music stream from soundcloud in the website would be FANTASTIC!

Would definitely purchase a paid package if this feature was added :smile:

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Any new updates on this capability? I’d love to be able to add rel=canonical code to the for SEO purposes.

Hi @Elizabeth_Crouch, the ability to use custom code in a dynamic list is coming soon.

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Will be on pins and needles waiting for this! Thanks!

Hey @cwndutilh @Elizabeth_Crouch @Peter_Farr @Aidz @JoeMillion @salter @danielbartl @Nicolas_Marquez_Vill @Ahmadz839 we just released Dynamic Embeds (where you can reference Collection data fields in your Embed elements that are on Collection Template pages or in Dynamic Lists):

https://webflow.com/blog/new-feature-dynamic-embeds :smiley:


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Just wondering if there if a timeline for being able to embed code into the rich text field? Thanks!

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