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Ability to add icon to a button via widget settings

How can I add an icon (PNG or a live font awesome icon) to a button? It seems like button is a fix object which can’t be changed.
Below is the result I’m trying to achieve.

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Button is only a predefined objct that can absolutely be changed.

You have several ways:

  1. using a PNG, add it as a background, clik on no-repeat, put it in
    place and adjust the left padding of your text to make room for it.
  2. using a icon font, type your text, select the first character, click
    on the pen icon to be able to style it, add a class name, change the
    font to your icon font, edit the character to get the desired icon
  3. using an image, add the image in the button, set the button to
    position relative, the image to absolute, place the image and adapt
    the left padding of the button to shift the text on the right