Ability to add dates via a date picker in forms

so it’s a cms based widget ?

not available to those not using the cms feature.

why is that.


@Revolution Currently because there’s no other place that we enter dates :smile:

It’s a much harder task to add a generic date picker component to be available as a widget to add to sites, because that would have to be supported in IE9 and above, and would have to be stylable like other components in Webflow. But with that said, we’d still like to add a Date input widget at some point (likely after we deprecate IE9 and IE10 support for published sites, since they both have bad support for the standard HTML5 date input elements).

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Nice! This is pretty cool. But please add a date picker also for the form creating part. pleeeaseee :smile:

Could you not just add another option to the field type and if field type equals date/time used the picker? I.E. Text, Email, Password, Date/Time.

I moved this discussion to a new topic, but @finidev the main reason is that the CMS Date Picker is only required to work in evergreen browsers and is integrated into the Webflow design tool, but adding a generic Date/Time picker to be available to be added to your sites is a whole different beast - it’s much harder to implement. Like I mentioned earlier, we’d have to wait until older versions of Internet Explorer are retired before we can tackle that feature.

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