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A few issues with CMS and Search results

Hi, I’ve recently started to work on a new website for my business. I made a draft for now.

1- I noticed that I don’t have a search result page to test. how come ? and how can I create that?

2- I also noticed that on the iPad some text like telephone numbers appear underlined and the search bar have some artefact around the border. is there anything I can do to solve this issue.

3- In the DMS page I am using CMS and a modal wrapper for each one of the products. I set the modal to “fixed” with an high “Z-index” but as it sits inside the CMS item when it opens it appears underneath my navigation bar. although the navigation bar has a lower “Z-index”. How can I fix this problem?

4- I also wanted to know if I can create a grid like this using the new CMS image gallery

Thank you,

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