[4th attempt seeking help] How to copy/paste component from a clone without the form?

I’ve tried many hours to figure this out, but I’m totally stuck.

In the Webflow site below, there are 4 checkboxes that I would like to clone into my own website.

The issue is that these 4 checkboxes are part of a form. The issue I’m having is that I can’t copy/paste the checkboxes without bringing the whole from along. I don’t want a form, I only want the 4 boxes as a design/component. (I intend to convert them into link blocks so they become clickable boxes that point to external websites).

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hey @1776, Checkboxes can’t be converted into link boxes. You’ll need to build out 4 new divs/link blocks within a flex box wrapper or even better a grid - then copy and paste the images and text over into your new link blocks. Match the styling of your new link box to that of the Checkbox Field from the template. Look here…