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I would like to open 3rd party popup form (script installed in a html embed widet) when a button is clicked. I am just not sure how to do this.

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Hi Nick. I’d be happy to walk you through adding a popup form. This should work with any element that’s wrapped inside a Div Block or Container, so I don’t expect much issue with a 3rd party form (save for potentially some styling issues, but we can address that once you’ve got it set up). (I apologize for not being able to make you a quick video on this right now, but hopefully this helps.)

As an example, here I have a button and have built my popup form.

Select your button, and go to the Interactions panel. Set up a “Mouse Click (tap)” interaction on the button. For “On first click”, you’ll just add a Show/Hide interaction for the element that contains your HTML Embed. Make sure to choose the display mode towards the bottom. Do the same for “On second click”, creating a new animation that hides the element.

Now, click on the element that wraps your embed and set the display mode for the element that wraps my HTML Embed to ‘none’

You should now be able to preview your site and click the button to show / hide your form. You can play with this a little bit and add the Hide animation to a “Close” button inside your form and using relative / absolute positioning to center the pop-up on the page. Let me know if I can assist any further with this.

Worked great! Thank you!

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Awesome! Glad to hear it. Would you mind taking a moment to click the Solution button on my previous post? It’ll help other users who may stumble on this thread with a similar issue. Thanks!

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