3D transforms not giving consistent results

I can’t seem to get 3D transforms to give a consistent look to my images. I have applied the same Y and Z settings to them. If anyone wants to take a peek feel free!

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/16peaks?preview=4fee5a71d99c5c7d9376fb8bcac12a1b

How are you structuring it? Having perspective on a parent element will cause different elements inside with 3d transforms to move in different ways (looks more natural). If you want all the 3d transforms to look exactly the same you can set Self Perspective on the element (the gear in Transform settings).

@thesergie I followed the tutorial exactly, so I have the initial interaction on the elements and then the scroll interaction on the section that contains them. Naturally, I should want the same look for all items. So, if there is a 10-degree rotation applied on several items, the result should make them all look exactly the same. I’m very puzzled.

Can you point me to the images in the site where you’ve added 3d transforms?

It’s the two images on the home page under recent projects.

@thesergie So I logged in today and noticed that the interactions on the images are now displaying correctly. You guys must have fixed the bug.

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