3D Product Customizer

Hi Everyone

I am wondering if something like this is possible using Webflow:

I am a product designer at heart so would be a really cool way of showing off some of my renders and custom materials, but not sure if I am asking too much of WebFlow to be able to do this.

I did find a post on this but it was 4 years old so didn’t know if this was more possible now with Lottie files etc.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I suppose the questions would be, how much of this do you want to copy?

The object in 3D space orbiting on drag could be accomplished through spline.desgin

I personally would be stumped on changing the materials on click.

Hi, thanks for your reply!

I was wondering about creating a very similar feature, where a user can select a different appearance for parts at the click of a button. Those buttons probably don’t need to be in the space with the product though they could be toggle options below.

I will check out spline.design too.

Sounds like a cool feature! I wouldnt know how to make that happen but i wish you all the best!! :slight_smile:

Hi @Harry101

With my colleagues, we’ve created this project https://www.sabre56.com/ on webflow. You can see the interactive particles, which are made with webgl, just like the example you liked to.

And if that’s interesting, I’ve also created a design tool to create WebGL experiences without having to code: https://polygonjs.com

Here is also a tutorial on how to use it to create a 3D product configurator: Product Configurator | Polygonjs - node-based WebGL design tool
And here is also a tutorial on how to export those for webflow: Webflow | Polygonjs + Webflow

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions