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301 redirects question


A clients website is hosted on wordpress. I have webflow designed and hosted ppc landing pages on a subdomain like so:

Now we are moving the entire site over to webflow (design and hosting) and moving the landing pages from help to a subfolder, eg

In addition we are moving from http to https site wide.

I have two webflow projects. The original landing page one and a new project for the entire site (plus landers in the sub folders)

With me so far? :slight_smile:

So my questions:
1 - Do I need to set up a 301 redirect inside the new website webflow project to point http to https?

2 - Do I need to seup a 301 redirect inside the old landing page webflow project to point landing pages to their new locations at

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Giving it a bump. Would really appreciate any advise on this please.

Many thanks


You wouldn’t need to.

No. The redirects have to go into the combined one.

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Thanks Samliew, that was a massive help, cheers.

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