301 Redirect to a subfolder


My client wants me to move all the pages of a website EXCEPT the home page to a new subfolder, so that…:

home page:
domain.com/index >>> domain.com/index

everything else:
domain.com/* >>> domain.com/newfolder/*

Is there a way to set up a correct 301 redirecting using wildcards, or do I have to add a specific redirect path for each page?

Thank you!!


Check out this article: https://university.webflow.com/article/intro-to-301-redirects

Thank you, @sam-g – yes, I did read that article… :thinking:
Would you be able to direct me to the part which would help me here, please?

Not knowing exactly how the index page would work, I tried…

Old path:

Redirect to path:

…which gave me a redirect loop error…