$30/hr [Hiring] Build with Webflow [FILLED FOR NOW but still apply]

My design focused agency is looking for a great webflow dev to build out designs, and provide ongoing maintenance to client websites.

The pay is $30/hr, negotiable depending on skill level and quality of work.


  • Ongoing motivation to continue learning and improving skills with webflow to keep builds optimized and at the forefront of current standards.

  • Fluent in English

  • Confidence in building almost any design without being too “hacky”

  • At least 4 hours/day of availability

  • Ability to build with clean class systems and best practices to keep websites loading quickly with great UX.

  • Motivation to grow with the agency

  • Basic understanding of Figma

To apply:

  • Start your message with the word “Design” to help me filter automated replies.

  • Include links to some of your most recent builds that were not made from templates.

Thanks for your time. Have a great week.


Got some projects in the works on a trial-basis, feel free to reach out still in case the current set up does not work out. Thanks.

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@jackwabbit are you here

Hi @Moheen, awesome portfolio. Tried sending you a message but looks like your profile isn’t set up to receive them currently.

@jackwabbit Here is my upwork profile you can contact me here Moheen A. - Webflow website Development - Upwork Freelancer from Abbottabad, Pakistan

Design, a skill that’s needed now more than ever. With a plenty of emerging companies and brands, design is the primary element for a brand to stand out. Perfect designs are rare, but what’s even rarer is for these designs to keep their ‘look and feel’ through development till actual end-users get to interact with them.

Hello @jackwabbit, I normally wouldn’t have applied since I’ve only been introduced to WebFlow a couple of months ago through my internship (Where I turn Figma designs into Webflow projects, and occasionally edit some Figma files before exporting them), and I assumed it might make me look less credible, or inexperienced. However, I’ve been a full-stack web developer for more than 2 years and the main reason I got that internship is because I was able to transfer all that experience into Webflow, and as a result I was at the same level with experienced agency developers. I’ve also noticed how much that experience helped me when I was helping people in the forum, even developers with their own agencies hired me to help them with some Webflow issues they couldn’t resolve. That’s why I believe we would be a great fit. Specially since I’ve seen some of your work and I’d love to work with an agency that builds such websites, specially the landing page, it’s great!

What I like about Webflow is that, unlike wordpress and other website builders, it’s so customizable that you are only limited by your development knowledge. The neat, hidden CSS tricks, The custom JavaScript that can build things people think are impossible on Webflow (only used when necessary though), and the ability to integrate your Webflow project with a multitude of APIs, even those that require some backend knowledge. All of that motivates me, not only to be a better Webflow developer, but a better Web developer in general, always learning new tricks, libraries, and skills that would ultimately result in optimized, state-of-the-art projects.

When you develop websites for a couple of years, you start learning the most efficient ways to build a new website, creating your own style guide, picturing how the development should go when you look at the design, and prepare classes in advance that maintain consistency, compatibility, and responsiveness across the whole website. Not only my websites are responsive, but they also follow fluid, adaptive design, which saves so much time during both development and debugging.

Here’s the most recent website that I’ve built from scratch following our agency’s designer’s Figma design, and in coordination with the agency’s CEO. It’s for an emerging insurance company.

I can start working immediately. Let me know if you’re interested!

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Hi @jackwabbit,

I can recommend to you SoftwareSupp Experts. You can check our portfolio and select the best for you on this page SoftwareSupp Expert .

And now I can give $100 for project :slight_smile:


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Hi @jackwabbit Please review the portfolio https://adilshah.webflow.io/

Design is my career and passion.
Hello @jackwabbit, I am a UX/UI Designer that uses a Figma as a tool to develop interfaces, a couple of months ago I decided to use webflow to develop the entire website without uses any other help. So I have only one project made on webflow, but it is for a real client and is working fine as you can see the real site or on the http://mobili-english.webflow.io/
I am looking for an opportunity to make more sites with webflow maybe this could be a win-win partnership. Best Regards, Daniel.

Hi @jackwabbit ,

I am UX/UI designer and Webflow developer. I have recently started working with Webflow and would love to get an opportunity to work with you.
Here is my portfolio .
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Jack,

I know this is filled, but if you ever need any help with any Webflow projects please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Here some links


Hope you are doing well!

As I saw in your post that you are looking for a great web-flow dev to build out designs. I can help you out with the requirements.

I have 5 years of experience in development.

Please have a look at my past work :

to discuss further you can reach me at mail: paulsmith0562@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you !!