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2 questions about Webflow Interactions


I have two questions please, because two things are prventing me from making good progress in webflow.

it’s a little bit difficult to explain but I’ll try nevertheless.
When I’m duplicating object in Webflow (for example I’m making a card that I’d like to duplicate, in order to work smarter not harder :wink:) there is something strange happening.
After some animations added to the button of the first card with for example the class “card” all the other card’s buttons (class buttons for example) are doing the same animation, BUT BUT BUT, at the same time. Even when I’m adding some sudo class to the duplicated card’s buttons, they are all animating themselves at the same time. they are acting as if they are the same exact objects.
That’s very weird and I don’t find the problem despite the tutorials. I’ve selected for example, in the animation panel, all the possibilities like selected elements with the same class or not or else. No way!..
Is it a normal behaviour after duplicating objects or is there something I’m doing wrong please?
Hope you understand my question.

this one is a little bit more simple I think.
I really don’t understand the real difference between “while page is scrolling” animation, and “page scrolled” animation. I don’t find a tutorial to understand the real distinction, so could you explain please? or is there a link to a tutorial which could help please ?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @skott I’m so glad that you’ve joined us in the community, those are great questions about Webflow interactions, thank you for asking!

Can you please share your site’s Read-Only link, let us know what page you’re seeing the behavior in and potentially a screenshot of the behavior so that we can best help you?

For the first question, it sounds like the animation is affecting all elements with the base class of card, though there may be a solution by affecting a different specific element.

For the second question, here is a quick breakdown:

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you have any additional questions. I’ll check back in once you’ve sent over the Read-Only link to reference the first question. Thanks again!

I forgot to tell you waldo:

For the first question problem, it’s in the last section of the site named “SECTION TO SEE”

@skott can you please include your site Read-Only link?

Thanks in advance!

Waldo please, read carefully my email because I already put it inside.

Here it is again :

So here is the read only link :

And here is the publish link also :
(as I’m beginning in webflow, I don’t which llink you prefer, so I’ve sent both)

Thank you so much for following up @skott , my apologies for missing that earlier. I’m responding on the forum and it appears that the previous message was cut off in the email HTML, here’s how the former reply was appearing here:
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Great questions around interactions, I’ll do my best to help! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

For the interaction affecting multiple elements, I made a video walk through how to resolve that here:

Regarding your second question to clarify:

  • While a page is scrolling animations occur as you scroll from the top to the bottom of the page or past an element (such as the aforementioned scroll progress indicator). Additional examples would be to animate an elements opacity from 0% to 100% when you’ve scrolled say 50% of the way down a section or the page.

  • A page scrolled animation is for when you scroll up or scroll down on the page. So for example, if you want something to go offscreen when you’re scrolling down the page (like the navigation bar, a chat widget or a contact button), you could use that interaction. Then when you’re scrolling back up, the elements show back up. Here’s an example site if you scroll down you’ll see that the navigation and cart disappear, but when you scroll back up they come into view.

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you have any additional questions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

A thousand “thank you” waldo…

it helps so much. So much, so much…
It’s late now here in france, but I’m eager to practice all that tomorow and will tell you back.
But before that, thanks for your quickness and your professionalism.
At tomorrow

Best regards,

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Hi waldo

As I promised, I am back.

I want say big thank you to you, everything is working fine… I’m so happy to progress little by little in webflow thanks to your support.

I have a last question and hope that you could help also please …

I really want know how to make a client portal in webflow (and not membership site), how could I do that please… Again, with webflow and a “plugin or else” perhaps?

thank you

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Hi @skott I’m very happy to hear that was helpful! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Regarding a client portal, we don’t have native functionality for that at this time. Are you referring to a content management system for the site? Or were you thinking of something else? Any additional information you can provide around that will be very helpful. Thanks in advance!

thanks for the response waldo
No I’m talking strictly about a client portal as you can find everywhere really everywhere, like with our bank account, or electricity provider or phone account or webflow even etc and etc… Somewhere where we can communicate with the client and/or store all his datas or files.
Hope you understand more my need.
Let me know if it’s still not clear

Hi @skott thank you so much for following up! You may be able to achieve this with a third-party plug-in like Memberstack or Knack, though I haven’t seen a plug-in specifically for that in Webflow yet.

You could potentially design the interface in Webflow, export it and integrate it with a third party system, though it sounds like you’re more so looking for an out-of-the-box solution.

I hope that this is helpful!

Thank you so much again waldo for this great support.
I will explore those solutions you’ve provided hoping I will find
one filling my needs

Best regards,

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