1. Unable to loop pragnation. | 2. How to autoscroll Overflow Auto?

I need to loop pragnation. Currently the ‘next’ button dissapears, where I simply need pragnation to go back to =1 on the last pragnation view. Not to be confused with ‘Slider’ element.

The particular section I’m working on requires CMS pragnation and Slider does not work as intended because of duplicate CMS fields randomly popping up in Slider mode.

How do you get Pragnation loop?

Refer to screenshots below:

Also, I am having a hard time Autoscrolling CMS text. It can be horizontal or vertical scroll, eather/or. I tried IX2 solutions with mask div blocks, but it ONLY works where there are more than 60 characters. When there are fewer than 60 characters text is invisible. Ideally, just autoscroll div block when content exceeds max-height (vertical scroll) or max-width (horizontal scroll).
The autoscroll should be similar to Sports or News footer scroll. - 1 line at a time, then scrolls to next item (vertically) OR

  • 2 Single line, infiniate scroll

The screenshots above is essentially the same functionality in the final design

Also this is using CMS single item pragnation RANDOM.

So at any given time, this should serve 1 of 5+ random items, and pragnates.

Preview Page:

IO link

I suppose no one has successfully looped pragnation?