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Zooming while scrolling Navbar doesn't work

Hi there I’m new to Webflow and followed a tutorial from Webflow how to zoom in/out when scrolling just like MagicLeap. But here is my problem, when zooming through my object to show my website behind it, I can’t use the navigation bar. I also can’t select my Headline. Nothing is possible. I assume my first object is still active. Does someone has a solution? I already tried so much :frowning:

Here is my Read-Only Link:

Add this into your custom code footer area for the page where this object is


.x {
pointer-events: none;


Thanks so much for this help! Currently I don’t have a Site plan yet, so it seems like I can’t add any code to this yet and try it out?

Can you add html embed element? If so put this code inside of it

edit: embed could go anywhere on the page

nope, I guess I have to buy a plan before and see if it would work. Thank you so much for your prompt response! You are very helpful :slight_smile: