Zooming out is making everything weird

A weird thing I noticed on the website I have created. When I zoom out, my footer on one page looks all weird.

This is what it should look like

This is what it shouldn’t look like

I double checked to make sure that they were under the same Style and they are. What could be wrong with it?


Hi @marslover,

I had to look really really hard to see the difference. You are talking about the margin, right?
I understand why you would build your footer on every page manually. Do you know what a symbol is in webflow? Make on of your Footers (one, that does look fine that is) and create a symbol. Then drag and drop it in on all your other pages. So if you change it on one page, it will change everywhere.

It is not just this one page where something is off.

Get back to me when you’ve made your symbol and I will have a second look.

Good luck,

Thank you @Karl-Heinrich. I actually changed my navbar completely. I did make it into symbol but I used VW and VH on it so that when I do zoom in, it hardly changes at all. That may be why you didn’t notice it really. Thank you so much for your help though. I appreciate it greatly!

Hi @marslover,

I didn’t even look at your navbar because you said you had problems with your footer :joy:
But as long as you are happy, I am happy :wink:


I wasn’t even thinking when I wrote that haha. My footer is a navbar. But I am happy with it. At lease that part. I fix one thing and the rest of it has problems then. Never ending cycle haha.

Well as long as you are having fun thats super ok :smiley:

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