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Zoom website SDK


I would like to embead Zoom with webflow. I could do this on my local host.


From what I have read in the Zoom docs you linked you will need your own back end to generate signatures:

Webflow only provides you with built assets that render your site. There is no server side access, so you won’t be able to do this.

What about cdn? Is it possible to create it?

Whether you import the Zoom SDK into your project via CDN or NPM makes no difference. You will still need to generate a signature server side.

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@jasondark, what if I make the page in a new domain and server and create a iframe tag in webflow? I am trying the iframe in webflow and having a hard time to see the “src” url even with SSL pages.

Hey I’m not sure if you are understanding how this library works. I’ve never personally used it either, but from reading the docs it’s clear that you need to generate a signature server side. This means that it cannot be done in the client’s browser AKA the front end.

A very simplified sequence of events would be:

  1. User is logged into your website
  2. They request to join a meeting
  3. This sends a request to your back end (containing their JWT) to generate a signature
  4. Your back end verifies the user’s JWT then generates the signature and sends it back to the font end
  5. The front end passes this signature into the ZoomMtg.init() method to join the meeting (documented here)

I’m not sure how an iframe would help here unless I am missing something.