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Zoom out is laggy on site preview, plays perfectly in interaction preview

EDIT: Figured it out myself - I had the div scaling way to large, and the browser basically couldn’t handle it, it seemed like. All good now!

Hey folks, love Webflow. Having issues with an interaction on the “Our Vision” button though - I’ve built an interaction that “zooms in” on a CTA really well. However when I click the button to “zoom out”, the grid fades away as it should, then the “scale” command gets really really laggy. It works in interaction preview, but not site preview.

I thought it might be the background image, but it’s not as if it needs to reload - the button simply scales in front of it, it doesn’t replace it.

Note: the clumsy grey block at the top is just to black out any branding - not a site element :slight_smile:
Any help appreciated!

Welcome to the Community @Chris_Donlevy and glad hear you were able to figure out the issue!

It sounds like you’ve got the issue solved, but feel free to reach out if it pops up again :+1: