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Zoom In On the Stage?

Is the workspace called a stage? If not, please let me know what it’s called here. Anyway, I’d like to be able to zoom in while in design mode. If I’m working on an iPhone breakpoint, and I am resizing logos, elements, etc. to make them proportional to the screen size, I would love to be able to zoom in significantly, why not 3200%, so I can see what I’m doing. It’s great that the view of the stage when clicking on a mobile breakpoint shrinks to the size that such a device’s screen might be to see how elements look at that size, but nonetheless, being able to zoom in seems crucial, otherwise, you have to stick your face two inches from the screen to see what you’re doing.

A use case for such a high zoom might be something I did once, where I manually placed interactive dots on a map, and needed to zoom in for precise placement.

My ideal type of zoom tool would be a slider, as opposed to a drop down menu. Any chance of this getting implemented in the near future? Any thoughts on whether this would be considered useful?

I don’t know of an official terminology, but Canvas and Viewport work I think.

As a user, I don’t wee why and when I’d need such a zoom actually. I have hard time understanding why you’d want a 3200% zoom… it’s 32 times bigger than 1:1 scale. Here is just a bit of the E letter of your forum avatar at 3200%:

It’s big :slight_smile:

I just explained why I’d need a zoom at all. To be able to zoom in on the canvas when working on the layout of a webpage at a breakpoint for a mobile device, especially phones, for precise placement of elements. I think that in itself is obvious. There’s zoom in Hype. There’s zoom in Powerpoint. As far as 3200%, I simply got that from Photoshop, the tool that Webflow is sometimes compared to, which designers previously used to (and still do, unfort) mock up websites.

@elcalibano I’d agree with @vincent on this. You can of course just use your browser zoom but it causes a message to be displayed in Webflow. Not really sure what the use would be.


What OS are you using?

On Windows you can press Start and then type Magnifier and press enter.
On OS X:

Why don’t you try available solutions? I see no point of having such zoom (or any zoom at all) in designer mode.

Can someone explain to me why every design program I’ve used, including the entire Adobe suite, has a zoom built in, but no one thinks a zoom is necessary to do layout for small screens in a web design software? The existing tools, such as OSX accessibility tools are not great for working (a magnifying area that follows my cursor? I don’t think so). Also, using existing tools seems antithetical to using a new web design software. The existing toolset is writing code by hand. Why use a new tool like webflow? It’s supposed to make life easier.

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And it does make life easier. People just always try to complicate it anyway…

For precise adjusting and positioning you can use the arrows next to any value inside Webflow so you can up/down position value for your object. I’m using this tool for 2 years already and I’ve built hundreds of websites… but I’ve never came up with the question “where is the zoom option here? Why it’s not available?”. Zooming in Photoshop is for precise placement - yes. But there is also fixed positioning of the element, transform tool to move object certain amount of pixels or whatever measurement unit you use.

Could you show me/us where in your project do you need 3200% zooming to properly place an object? Remember that websites are based on dimensions in pixels. You can’t place anything in 0.5 of a pixel…

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Reading your previous answer, I’ve been asking myself this for a good moment yesterday, but I can’t really explain. What I’m sure is I’d never use it if there was a zoom.

Webflow is a web design tool, not a graphic design tool per se. Everything you position is with numerical values rather than optically. Everything you add to a design is already rendered, or when it’s not pre rendered, like an SVG asset, you’re never going to control is aliasing anyway. I zoom in Photoshop or Ai or Sketch past 1:1 to achieve pixel perfect placement and control aliasing. This is the only positioning reason for what I zoom in. Other reasons are graphic design like blending control, fine tuning masks…all the tasks that are done pre-web design. I honestly don’t see why it can help you to zoom to position something better, I’v read your examples about the pins on a map etc but it doesn’t make any sense to me.

I’m really disappointed that you can’t accept this challenge :wink:

No, I’m serious. Having 0.5px will only blur the image to nearby pixels. It looses its sharpness and becomes 2px wide instead of sharp 1px.

Oh I know, I was joking (: You should see the time I pass making my apps icons pixel perfect and designing them for every @1x @2x @3x resolution…