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Zoom-in effect pixelgeek not working for image (because of image-fit) property? why?

I followed @PixelGeek tuturial:
but get a bug now (because image-fit property is now in webflow??)
I can’t repruduce pixelgeek now any more… what did I do wrong?
check de live site

Please can somebody test it out for me
I wonder why the tuturial of pixelgeek is not working perfectly:

The image into the modal is a diffrent one (.svg and not dark background)
But: when I hover: only the boundery’s are as big as the modal-size: the ‘overflow’ is not show: bug?

my project:

my project:

Thanks to help me

it is working now…
I did it again … it is working…
strange the first time 'a scaled image ’ is not showing op the rest of the image.

thanks to help me