Zoom Hover in QuickStack Grid Overflowing

I am having an issue with a zoom hover overflowing on the WingOut Chicago Photo. I have a div block created with the background image inside of a cell which is inside QuickStack. I noticed there are no display settings for QuickStack Grid. I have the background photo set on hover with a 2nd & 3rd Transform scale to 1.1 on the x and y. From other articles I have read it seems to be changing the overflow and display settings fixes this… I have been trying to figure this out the last two days without any success and any help would be greatly appreciated here.

Here is the Read Only Link:


Since your hover is on “wings” you’ll need this element to be inside of a div with no overflow set.

Awesome!! Thanks so much for this!! Greatly appreciated!! I think I tried this before but didn’t set the overflow div width to 100%. Thanks again!!