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Zoho Webform - Required Fields Not Enforced

I use Zoho webforms on my site, and they recently made a change in their embed code that uses singular apostrophes. When I embed the custom code, and publish my site, the published version has double apostrophes - this is breaking the enforcement of the required fields (reasoning stated by Zoho representatives - if this obviously stands out as incorrect, please let me know as my javascript knowledge is lacking).

A little more detail…

When I enter

onsubmit='javascript:document.charset="UTF-8"; return checkMandatory()'

Into the custom code embed, and then publish, it turns into

onsubmit="javascript:document.charset="UTF-8"; return checkMandatory()"

adding an extra apostrophe before javascript and after checkMandatory(). This is breaking my required fields.

Read only:


You can try to remove document.charset="UTF-8"; from the embed code, then convert the rest of the single quotes to doubles.