Zoho mail not receiving form email?

Hi, I’ve set up a zoho email account (free) and am attempting to direct form submissions to it. For some reason, the submissions are not being sent/received. I have tested the form sending to another email and it is working. I have also sent mail manually to the zoho mail account from another regular email account and the email is received by zoho mail. Am I missing something?

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Same problem here…

The more likely I’m getting that you are not receiving mail from your website’s contact form. Then here is a reason behind this because this issue mostly everyone facing but its not a big deal. The thing is the mail agent determines that it should be sending mail to itself after recognizing your domain name when someone submits a form on your website. The mail agent will attempt to deliver the message locally. Please inform the mail agent on the server hosting your website that it is not also in charge of managing mail for your domain.

Please check that your web host’s Mail exchange option is set to Remote Mail exchanger or Deliver emails to MX records in order to address this issue. Please contact the web host for more detailed instructions.