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Zeit domain with Webflow


Has anyone connected a domain to Webflow?
If so can you please walk me through how to do it, or would it just be easier to transfer it to a DNS server that works with Webflow - like GoDaddy?

Thank you!


Hi @Marisa_Ang

I’ve never used that service before but I did a quick Google search for Zeit A records and found this:

Here are the Webflow server A-Records and CNAME that you’ll need to put in your Zeit domain name:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey, I love your Webflow tutorials!!!

I’ve come across both of these and have created the $ now dns command that based off of the code provided by Zeit and the A record / CNAME provided by Webflow, but I don’t know what to do past that…

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thanks for watching my tutorials! :smiley:

as for the . domain name issue, purchase a site plan for your Webflow project and add your custom domain name to the project:

I have purchased the hosting plan and have attached the domain to Webflow, but I cannot add the A record to the DNS (Zeit) it is telling me I need to place a line of code:

$ now dns add @ A

hmm… I’m never used Zeit. You may have to contact their support team for this one.

I have - sadly they told me I should transfer the domain that was purchased from them to GoDaddy because they don’t offer a web interface to manage DNS records. They require prior developing experience. :unamused:

But thank you for your help!


ah. that makes sense.

You’re welcome. :bowing_man: