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Zapier - Zaps keep breaking all the time

Hi there webflowers. i know this isnt about webflow but i build all my sites in webflow and use zapier to transfer and update information.

right so i am building a site at the minute. a quite complex one but for some reason the zaps i build keep breaking for no reason. they’ll literally work one minute then ill test again ten minutes later and they are broke. anyone any idea how i can stop this happening =??

cheers Paul

What error code are you getting when the zap “Breaks”?

Different one every time mate. I fix one issue try it out it works 2 seconds letter get another error. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

could you share a couple of screenshots or examples? It’s hard to figure out what’s going on and whether this is on the webflow or on the zapier (or the user’s :wink: ) end without more context.

its all good. i fixed it. was an issue with a webhook. webflow api doesnt update when you change the multi referrence field name so i had to go into postman to find it which worked like a treat

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Happy to hear you got it working @Hobbitrock83 :slight_smile: