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Zapier Validation Error

Have reached out to Zapier but no response and have not received much insight from Webflow themselves except to determine the error is somehow at the Webflow end not Zapier.

Everything was working perfectly up until May 4th. I have a collection called Newsfeeds that is connected via Zapier to a Feedly board where I place stories that I feel are relevant to the audience. It publishes to the home page. From May 4th I get error “The app returned “ValidationError: Validation Failure”.”

Not sure helpful I know. I’ve rechecked all the mappings to make sure somehow the Zap hasn’t been changed to publish html to a plain text field etc in Webflow. In fact I had made no change to that collection or to that zap for several weeks but suddenly on the 4th it starts throwing errors.

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@Black_Mountain I’ve been experiencing the same Validation error. I too have reached out to Zapier. It’s hugely fustrating and maybe a limitation of Webflow.

Did you guys manage to solve this? @MGAVIOLI66, @Black_Mountain