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Zapier To Shipstation Integration Is Misleading

I am aware of forum rules require us not to post similar topics to already existing threads. To clarify, I have read what seems to be all the forum discussions on this topic and still feel this one is required.

I will be posting all the links I’ve compiled on the subject matter for other readers to be able to follow along.

We recently underwent 2 infrastructure overhauls within our business. 1.) We migrated our store from Shopify to Webflow. 2.) Convinced our Wholesale supplier to agree to executing all the fulfillment (drop-ship/package & ship) on our behalf.

Our supplier uses ShipStation. We are opening our own ShipStation account separate from theirs that they will be able to have access to login and fulfill orders from.

Before completing our migration we assumed there would be no issues moving forward because of how it was portrayed on Webflow’s Ecommerce web page.

Zapier’s website is no different portraying full pages and docs (reference links in following posts) of what seems to be semi-unviable/un-updated information for Webflow’s new Ecommerce features. It’s apparent that testing on this particular integration was slightly neglected.

In a perfect world we would love to be able to integrate Webflow, Zapier and ShipStation AS ADVERTISED.
But we understand it is not a perfect world that we live in. We don’t need the integration to be working perfectly but we do expect it to be functioning to enough extent that we can print Shipping Labels. (Recipient Name, Item Name, Item Count, Item Weight, Shipping Address)

We searched Twitter to find if anyone has been successful with this and we have! A Quality Specialist Employee At Webflow Named Mathew P Munger has claimed he has gotten about 90% of the way there and we would love to learn how! We’ve even DM’ed him but only managed to pry 2 responses out of him

To my understanding Mathew executed Exhibit 2. Instead of Exhibit 1. In the diagram below but even he looks like was having trouble

Here are the initial responses from all 3 customer support teams. I will be responding all 3 with a link to this Forum post.

Based on all the information I’ve obtained the problem seems to be with the way Webflow communicates with Zapier. There are some prerequisite requirements such as making sure you’ve already created product information inside ShipStation but aside from that what else am I missing? Does this issue happen with All Webflow Ecommerce integrations? What if I were to manage my orders with another platform through Zapier or another platform aside from Zapier? Has anyone made it work anywhere else? Please & Thank You!

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ShipStation Reference Links:

Webflow Reference Links:

Zapier Reference Links:

Integromat Reference Links:


I had the same experience earlier in the year. I’ve learnt a fair bit since then in terms of being able to consume the apis with more advanced parsing tools in Zapier and Integromat. Integromat has more functionality in terms of ready to consume triggers and actions. So firstly have you tried this instead of zapier? If so what are the issues? I am pretty keen to overcome these for projects in the new year.

The Webflow ecom api itself has the the capability. Both integromat and zapier have the advanced json tools to work with it

While the direct integrations don’t exist in Webflow I am finding that I still use IPAAS over apps / add ons in shopify because they provide so much more flexibility and value.

Hi @Alkaline_Organics (and @HammerOz, thanks for your inputs).

I wanted to share an update, there is some good news in that the Weight field should be coming soon for the Orders in the integration/csv which hopefully will make some things easier.

Our team is working on platform improvements that are working toward better Shipstation support, but I cannot give an exact timeline yet to share.

In the meantime, it may be worthwhile to check out Integromat as @HammerOz suggested, I know I plan to explore that option myself to see what is possible and as I have new updates on this integration, I will post updates here to the post.


Thanks @cyberdave. Good to know it’s on the radar. I have started working working on creating a shipstation order from a webflow order with integromat and I’m documenting the challenges. No weight in the order items array is obviously not ideal. I am experimenting with the values and order item mapping required by shipstation. I’ll share my progress in the new year. :partying_face:

Hey, We’re looking at moving our site from wordpress to webflow and were wondering if any of you had any joy setting up a proper connection between webflow and shipstation since this thread was written?

I haven’t been back to try. I have only just noticed Webflow has made updates to the e-commerce api that would make it much more workable using integromat. You’ve seen the shippo integration?

Hmm we’ll have to dig a bit more into this ourselves, looking like there should be a workaround anyway! I did see the shippo integration but unfortunately our distribution uses shipstation, at least this integrations shows there is a possibility to integrate with a similar platform!

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Any updates on getting ship station integrated into Webflow? We just ran into the same problem on our Ecommerce site.

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Oh man, ive hit the same roadblock, has anyone succesfully done this?

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