Zapier Problem; Blog Post from Github to Webflow

I’ve spent several hours now trying to make a Zap to get content out of Github into Webflow CMS as blog posts. It’s so frustrating I could cry. A total loss and lost day.

I was finally able to connect accounts in both apps. I found my Site and Collection fine.

The main issue is in Zap - their Customize Item page. Opening the drop-down in any of their fields, say Post Body shows a ton us useless fields and a bunch of URLs that don’t look like anything - their labels are about commit dates, author, and lord knows what… everything BUT the actual contents of the commit.

I tried a few and tested the Zap - which comes back Success - but I see no change in Webflow. Nothing was added.

Google is no help. I didn’t find anything here that helps. Am I really the only Webflow person who needs Github integration?

Hi @NPX Nik,

Are you using the Live CMS Update or just the CMS Update?

Thanks for your reply.
To my knowledge - neither. Or - I don’t know. I’m just using Zapier.

After writing the above I did finally get something in the collection but not copy. I can use the Github Commit Comment as a title field then I i see that much.