Zapier Not Placing Data Into Airtable

Okay, so I have two types of users on my site, businesses and general users. I used Zapier to place the sign up data into the CMS and Airtable. While the general user sign up works, the business sign up does not load into the businesses tab at all unless I manually do it myself via Zapier what defeats the purpose. It loads into Memberstack just find.

The other issue is because I have my zaps titled “New Member” and “New Bus. Member” act the same except they fill different CMS. Because of this, this creates duplicates in the CMS in Webflow upon signup. This also places general user information in the businesses table as well as user.

Do I need to create a whole new Airtable and forget keeping them under one data sheet?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Now the CMS isn’t processing the data for the business data.

@WTA - I think we’ll need a read-only, published site link and probably some screenshots of what you have going on in Zapier to troubleshoot this.


Okay but do you think for importing data into Airtable do you think I should webhook it instead of using Zapier?

Here is the Zapier workflow.

Here is the Businesses table.

User table.

Here is where the user data is copied into the businesses table.

User Data in CMS

The same data placed in the Business CMS.

New Member Zaps

Here is the zaps

If the links don’t work try this

Neither zapier link works, the first shows no detail inside the zap steps, and the second requires access.

I can’t find your webflow read-only designer link either?

However you mentioned duplicate data, and I can see you’re using the New Member in Memberstack trigger. I don’t see a filter step after that, so my guess is that both zaps are running, and they’re both creating CMS & Airtable records, so you get double-data.

You’ll need to determine whether the user is a business or not, and filter your zaps accordingly so only the appropriate one runs. Or, switch to Make which is more robust at branching.

But I have filter them.

Here is the New Bus. Member

And the New Member

I didn’t share my Webflow link as it’s not an issue with a page but Zapier as it’s the one doing the processing.

I’m trying to share a viewable link but not having much luck.

Should I just eat my losses and switch to Make as I have been pondering the decision since yesterday? Only issue is I heard it’s not user friendly.

I’m trying out Magic but when I try to set up Memberstack with my API it tells me the site does not exist(my Memberstack). I’m just running into wall after wall.

Correct, but it’s still not clear what you’re trying to accomplish. Seeing how you’ve setup your website and forms setup is an important to us figuring that out. In future posts, make that a common practice.

If the problem is only within Zapier, then you’d obviously want to go to Zapier’s forums.

Yes, that’s the first thing you want to sort out.
Remember Zapier’s support team can see your zaps directly, too.

In screenshot you’ve provided, there is no Filter step.
My guess is that you’re trying to split new Membership Signups in into two groups, and you want two different zaps to execute, depending.

You’re getting duplicate data, which makes sense.
Right now both zaps will run, so you probably need a filter step right after that New Member trigger.


Zapier isn’t the problem. It’s doing exactly what you’re telling it to do.
Make would do the same.

Welcome to the world of tech. We call that a learning curve.

If you’re really struggling, and this is an important work project, find a good dev mentor who can guide you through the tricky bits.

I solved the issue. It took several hours but I fixed it. I thought I was filtering but actual filtering is similar to If/Else statements. That solved the duplication issued.

I had kept getting emails from Zapier upon hitting submit. I never clicked on these as I had thought they were notifications. Turns out it was saying the business page was not processing due to the name not being filled out. I had to make sure the Business Name was placed on the first page.