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Zapier not creating live cms with airtable

For some reason it seems that when i update my table in airtable nothing comes through to cms live. the zap says that its working and the test does work but nothing happens. anyone has any idea?? ive posted a message to zapier and on here once already last week but with no answers. im completely stumped by this

cheers paul

@Hobbitrock83 have you selected ‘publish live item’ when you set up the zap? There are two options, one that creates an item but stores it as a draft in the cms and one that publishes.

hi sarah. i have for some reason it wasnt working, not even zapier knew why but ive started the collection again and reconnected my webflow account and now it seems to work. though im still having trouble pulling through an image into webflow cms from airtable. you have any idea how this can be done???

@Hobbitrock83 yay! Happy to hear it’s working! I don’t know how to do images through airtable. I’d suggest you do an internet search, I’d also take a look at, they do zapier tutorials.